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Friday, June 22, 2012

Start of a new life

Hello... Blogger has updated itself but I have never updated my own blog. What a shame. Haha!

Anyway, I'm now working with Naim Holdings Bhd as a System Analyst. To me, it is considered a great jump because this is my 2nd job in an IT related field since IFCA, holding a higher post that I have never see myself in. Actually I'm quite proud of myself to have been recognized as an IT person because I have never expected that I will pursue and continue deeper into the IT industry. Being rejected by uncountable companies in Kuching previously made me lose confidence that I will make it this far into the IT world.

IFCA has given me the opportunity to inject myself into the IT world. Thanks to Vincent for giving me this golden opportunity by accepting me despite my lack of experience. He is the one who told me, you can! Which made me what I am today.

People say where there's a will, there's definitely a way. True enough to me. I kept praying to God for all good things to happen to me and my family and friends. Kept learning and growing. Accept changes. According to Mr Tan who briefed us about KPI yesterday, we must always be willing to learn new things and to know how to adapt into new environment. People with many many years of experience are useless unless they learn and adapt very fast to the ever changing environment.

Apart from changing job, I have bought a house together with my Mr Chang. Downpayment and basic furniture and fittings are mostly sponsored by my parents. That's why I always say I am really lucky and I think I really owe it to my parents, my boyfriend, my brother, my friends and most importantly, God. Without them, I am not who I am now. Of course there will be people who will back stab, complain, nag and all those pessimistic and those that always give negative comments who will try to brainwash us. Those are the people who not only pull us down and who never contribute to anything at all and yet, they only know how to scold and say bad things, we must ignore those people. They are useless unless they give support and positive morale to us. Not saying what they say are false but if you really want to help, you can complain but also, try to solve it for us. Nevertheless, they motivate us to be firm and strong on our decisions, which is also a good thing!

My mum is the one who helped me through it all. She is the one who insist to buy a house for us. She is the one who thinks far for their children. She is the one who made the decision that this is good for you and your family for at least 20 years to come. She is my true hero of all. She is not only capable, she is the strongest human I have ever seen. Strong in her mind, conscious of what she is doing and firm in decisions.

My house will be ready by early 2013. Hopefully after that, me and Mr Chang can plan for our wedding and start a new family. We both are getting old. So we need to have a great plan and make sure we can make plans and succeed even when we die. They are for our children. We must provide the best until the day we die.

Sorry for the long story. Hope you enjoy reading. Til next time, see you soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When would you consider enough is enough?

From the moment you can't sleep for several nights? Or wait until you cannot even eat, sleep or drink?

Recently, I couldn't sleep at night. Been thinking of lots of things around me. But most of all, I feel that my precious time with my loved ones have been sacrificed a lot. I do not know why I felt that way. It's not that I mind at all, but to the extent that the person doesn't even realize and doesn't even appreciate you for doing so despite numerous hints and some even direct confrontations.

Should I open up about how I feel to him? How would I want him to react after hearing me pouring out my feelings? Will he feel that I'm ridiculous? Will I leave him with difficult choices? Was it even right to confront again?

I feel so tired and I feel so used. =(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Turkey 2011

Turkish don't eat Turkeys... Believe it or not?

Outside the Blue Mosque aka Sultanahmet Mosque

City of Troy

Famous Trojan Horse


The Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons

The celebration after the Hot Air Balloon

The Pomegranate

Some ancient toilet in Ephesus

The cute leather hat

The bridge that connects Europe and Asia

Leaving Cappadocia in a cold cold morning

This guard is handsome! Outside of the Artartuk Museum

Grand Bazaar

The famous shoe store in Turkey

Overall, the place is nice... Country is very nice... Very rich in culture... But I still could not get used to their food... Maybe because of the spices...

Friday, August 06, 2010

Stereo Love

Hello.. It's again been a long time since I last updated my blog...

it's almost been a year now that I realized.


1. I'm still working with the same company.
2. Still happy with everything. Getting better each and everyday!
3. My cousin, Edward got married on Boxing Day, 2009.
4. CNY was great!
5. My cousin, Chai Tze got married in May, 2010.
6. I went to Scandinavia in June 2010.
7. Celebrated my 27th birthday in July 2010.
8. My ex-schoolmate, Robin Law passed away in a car accident in early August 2010.
9. Gonna attend my cousin, Howe's wedding in October, 2010.
10. Hopefully next year will be my big year then. LOL. Kidding...

Some pics for your pleasure views.

IFCA Annual Dinner 2009.

Edward's Wedding, December 2009.

Scandinavia June 2010.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Heylow... Long time no see... How have I been up to... Well... Not much... I've blogged about my birthday... Hmm...

Now I can blog about my brother's Graduation! It falls on 26th September and it was massive! So grand that I looked down on MY Graduation... Haha! Taib Mahmud, our Chief Minister was there and all... It was at the old DUN building...

Everything was great... Dinner at 4-Points Sheraton was awesome! They have oysters, sushi, salmons, etc!!! OMG!!!

Last night, I dreamt about my days in Secondary school... Woke up with a moody feeling... I miss it so much... :'( I miss everyone in my class... I miss school... I miss it so so so much! :'(

But luckily, now I have a job that I love, colleagues that brightens up my day and my family and my bf who are with me all the time... Else, I couldn't live everyday without them... How I wish I could turn back time... Bring everyone back to Kuching again... See everyone again... Attend class again... Go to the science lab again... Play with the "air suling" again... Sigh... How I wish this could happen... But it will never happen again... Once, my best friend Stephanie told me that IF the currency of the whole world is equal... I wish that could come true...

Another moment I miss most is my years in INTI College... My partners-in-crimes, my angels of my successes... The people who brought me back to real life... Who have made me realize studies and education is very important and to stop playing and fooling around...

I wanna thank ALL of you for making my life worth... These are the moments I treasure very much... I hope you will treasure them as much as I do... I really do remember ALL of you... Each and everyone of them... May God bless you all... Wishing you all successes in life... God will shower you ALL with his best...


Saturday, July 18, 2009

My 26th Birthday!

Today marks the day I was born 26 years ago, on a Sunday evening at 6:10pm. Which is for the 1st time, my mum has her most painful day of her life!

Today I had the greatest celebration of my life. My colleagues threw me a lunch birthday celebration!!!! I really never thought they would be celebrating my birthday!!

Here are some of the photos I took.

This is the cake that my colleagues gave me. It's super nice & delicious!!!

This is the cake that my darling gave me. Oreo cheese cake!! My Favourite!!

This is me before lighing the candles.

This is me cutting the cake. I don't think I can upload the video of my darling singing a birthday song for me while I blew the candles and making wishES, do I? Hehe!

I really had a great day today.

Thanks to ALL the people who made their wishes for me.

Thanks to ALL who made it to remember that I was born today.

Thanks to my family for raising me to be such a remember-able human being on earth. (What an English)

Thanks, last but not least, to my most important human of my life, my darling, for making the effort to make my day full of joy & happiness. Thanks Dear. I love you very much.

Lastly, thanks to God for giving me such wonderful life and such wonderful people around me.

May God bless you all.


Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

This morning, when I was having my last sip of cereal, as usual, I was listening to the And I heard the DJ announcing the news. Michael Jackson died. I was stunned and I thought I'd heard it wrongly. Quickly finishing my cereal, washed my mouth and went to turn on my computer and went to The Star website. Headline was "Michael Jackson dies". Shocked.

I came to office, everyone was talking about it. The websites, Facebook, Twitter, The Star, New Straits Times, MSN,,,, omg!Yahoo, everywhere was his news. was paying tribute to him! No wonder I woke up and listened to his songs all morning until I heard the news. Shocking really.

I'll always remember him as the "Moonwalker". While I was in my early high school, me & my brother slept together in the same room, my dad would come to our room and sleep together with us for a while. Then we would listen to Michael Jackson's album "Dangerous" to sleep. He gave a very deep memory to us, and I believe, to everyone!

Goodbye, the King of Pop. May you rest in Peace.